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Individuals/Private Owners Registration

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If your property is located within the Town of Mansfield, Mansfield Center or Storrs, we will be filtering through to make sure that your listing matches the regulation set forth by the town and your Town of Mansfield Housing Rental Registration. If you are NOT registered with the town and have a property on our website, we ask that you register immediately. Again, we will be going through these rental listings and ask that you please correct anything that might be incorrect or misleading. We thank you in advance for your cooperation and we look forward to hearing from you with any questions.
Subscription Type

Allows you to create property listings with a text description, 25 images, a contact e-mail, map location, and amenity list. Listing(s) will be included in our searchable database.

In addition to the Regular Subscription services, this subscription allows you up to 50 images and moves your listing(s) above Regular Subscription listings in the default search results order.

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Subscription length: 1 year